Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Common real estate ad mistakes on Craigslist

Posting ads on Craigslist is an effective and money-conserving strategy for marketing real estate to prospective homebuyers. However, agents should avoid common missteps.

The headline is critical. It’s what attracts viewers to either open the ad or pass it by. In most cases, the headline should not be creative.

Many property professionals mistakenly focus on particular listing details rather than on the factors website viewers use to nix some postings and focus on others – the immediate parameters of location, size, and price. A headline such as “Downtown 2 Bdrm Condo at $1,900/month,” for example, draws more interest than one that reads “Two Bedroom Condo w/Stainless Steel & Hardwood.”

Once an ad has an effective headline that entices readers to click it, the posting must have plenty of photographs. Otherwise, a Realtor risks wasting both his/her time and that of house hunters, who schedule appointments based on a “detailed description” in Craigslist that ultimately doesn’t meet their needs. A multitude of professional photographs, however, along with a floor plan, gives prospects a good idea if the listing is something that truly interests them.

Lastly, use templates that automatically generate Craigslist ads, and make sure they’re formatted correctly. When this step is ignored, a real estate ad can appear odd – rather than clean – with links misaligned and other visual problems. That, in turn, can turn off viewers – who may skip the listing altogether and move on to the next one.


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